Improve your life by giving up this one thing

Never take anything personally

To never take anything personally is a challenging concept.  At a young age, we realize that what makes us an individual is our ability to think, speak, and act.  But we lose that individuality when we learn or are told that we are being mean, rude, or impolite.  We grow up wanting approval and acceptance from other people.  Achieving this is done by copying others or by being corrected.  Consequently, this is how we learn to take things personally.           

How would you characterize an individual who thinks the entire world revolves around them? Self-centered, conceded, or selfish come to mind, well when you take things personally that’s what you are being. Personal importance is the maximum expression of selfishness because we assume it’s all about “me”.

The world you live in

Growing up, they taught you to think everything is about you, that you are responsible for everything that happens to you. As a result, you were being domesticated. As we continue to grow and mature all of that domestication designs a world that we live in, it is our world. We create our world from all our experiences, influences, education, and upbringing. There is not one person out there that is living in the same world as you.

So when someone makes a comment they are basing it on their feelings, beliefs, and opinions from their world. Therefore, what you say or do gets processed and then projected back onto you. I realize that people who are miserable, rude, or disrespectful experienced a lot of negative events in their lives and want to bring me down to their level of suffering. If you take it personally, you assume they know what’s going on in your world, but in reality, they don’t have the slightest idea.

Positive changes can happen

So when you take nothing personally, you create immunity towards others’ negativity. When you build up this immunity, things change for the better in your life. Most importantly, you can say and think about what you feel without worrying about what others say or how they react. It’s a freedom most people will never experience, freedom from fear. When you are fearless, you don’t get mad, jealous, or sad at what others say. Your spirits brighten, and when happiness glows inside of you, you love everything around you, especially yourself.

Be honest with yourself, what is the most painful question to answer in your life right now? Could it be, “So what do you do?” This is where not taking anything personally comes into play. If you can answer that question with confidence, without hesitation and not care about what the other person says then you have practiced this skill. There are thousands of other scenarios in your life where you will apply this skill as well. At first, it will be difficult but just like any skill, the more you practice the better you become.

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